Volunteers / Karyakarta

Volunteers are indeed the backbone of any SYF. They are the true task force behind each NGO, its activities and its success. It is those set of people without whom no NGO is complete and without whom no NGO can help the community. The strength of an NGO lies in its volunteers.

Here at SYF, we are blessed and overwhelmed to have great helping hands, exerting hard for the cause and taking the mission ahead. SYF strongly feels.

Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.

We encourage existing members and urge an appeal to newcomers for their concurrency in each of our segment, reach and feel the ground realities and then give us your opinion. We are sure, once you know us, you will love to be with us and help perhaps guide us too in our journey. Because….

Each Palak Pratinidhi is assigned a group of ward and entire responsibility of those wards lies on the respective Palak Pratinidhi. The responsibilities may range from personal / psychological / health related to educational / professional. There is a range of tasks that are involved in becoming a Palak Pratinidhi.

A multitude of tasks are involved in becoming a Palak Pratinidhi. A Palak Pratinidhi over the period may not be able to manage his duties and may feel stressed at times, this is when fellow Palak Pratinidhi mentoring program guides and distress the Palak Pratinidhi. We had wonderful feedbacks from Palak Pratinidhi, who keep telling us.

It is not the destination that matters, but the journey, the struggle and the countless selfless deeds in the way along with fellow volunteers.

SYF functions in such a way that the talents of the volunteers are identified and sharpened for the best interests of the community. Of all the many things a volunteer can do here are a few to list done, to help you visualize better.…

  • Leveraging your expertise in Organizing, Accounting, IT and other disciplines.
  • Driving Donor initiatives.
  • Helping in improving coordination between SYF and the community.
  • Allocating your precious time in empowerment and connect programs.